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Dr. Gopal Cabrera

Dr. Manny Manolov

Gopal has been a great addition to our team; he brings a passion for health along with a functional and holistic approach to treating patients. Prior to receiving his Chiropractic education from Southern California University of Health Sciences, he first acquired a Bachelor of Sciences in Kinesiology from California Polytechnic State University in San Louis Obispo. Growing up in the small town of Grass Valley, California, his love of the outdoors, diverse sports and competition allowed him to understand the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle. While he attended Santa Barbara City College, he continued to challenge his athletic abilities by playing on the school's basketball team.

Gopal comes from a family of medical doctors, acupuncturists, and wellness practitioners, allowing him to understand both Eastern and Western views of medicine. In pursuit of a greater understanding of diverse backgrounds and cultures, he has accomplished two Chiropractic Mission trips to the Dominican Republic. There he was able to provide chiropractic care to thousands of patients in various locations, such as schools, retirement homes, and Haitian villages.

Gopal also has experience in treating patients in a wide variety of settings, including high profile athletes and celebrities. Furthermore, he has worked on site at marathons such as the AVIA Wildflower Triathlon, and has been on the sidelines at various professional and amateur athletic events. Gopal is certified in Kinesio taping and Rock taping methods, the first module of Graston technique, and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.